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Exhaust Smoke Troubleshoots

Exhaust Smoke Troubleshoots
A well maintain of vehicle engine will produce colourless smoke from the exhaust system. However, there might be faulty on the engine when the vehicle has been used for quite long, since none of things on this world last forever, it will tend to wear from time to time. The selection of engine oil used also may affected the car performance and can reduce wear of the engine as the engine receive a lot of pressure and frictions when its working. What should we do if suddenly the exhaust produces smoke but not colourless, it produces black, white or even bluish colour which shows the vehicle conditions?
Black Smoke
The common reason that causes black smoke is because of the dirty engine air filter. Dirty air filter can prevent the cylinder to get sufficient air which cause too much fuels burns; the fuel injectors does not work properly. To fix this, the air filter needs to be clean up or change to the clean filters.
White Smoke
White smoke can be dangerous or just a normal thing happened. If it is not dangerous it could be due to the water vapour or condensation while the engine is started to warming up. It will turn to colourless after a while after the engine is warmed. The dangerous part is when the white smoke is cause by the coolant or water to enter the combustion chamber due to damages of gasket head or maybe piston rings even leaking of the valve seals and worn of cylinder walls. Damages of gasket head need to change to a new one which quite pricey and damage of cylinder it is quite necessary to change the entire of the engine. These damages cause by the wear of engine especially if we not really well maintain our vehicle. The car needs to send to the service centre to change the engine oil after meets the mileage that has been advice by the mechanics. The changes of oil can remove the dust and debris which may cause more frictions as the engine works which does not prolong the lifespan of the engine.
Bluish-Grey Smoke
Bluish-Grey Smoke can be the same problem as the white smoke but the smoke produces cause by the oil leak. This can show that the engine might meet it lifespan, but you may take early action to avoid massive damage to the engine by top up the engine oil. When the oil leaks, the oil started to drain and there is no oil to reduce the friction of the engine and makes more damages to the engine.
Therefore, it is quite necessary to maintain your vehicle so it will be in good condition and safe.

You may use Power Up 
Engine Treatment to extend your engine lifespan. 
Changing gasket head;
You may check out Power Up Gasket Sealant

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