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Sanitary Wide Head Advanced Toothbrush

Sanitary Wide Head Advanced Toothbrush
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-RM 13.00
RM 29.00
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Product Specifications
Why Wide Head Toothbrush? A research found wide head toothbrush is wider and able to provides better coverage to our tooth care. It has 2x more bristles than ordinary toothbrush, so it can cover all the tooth easily and quickly. It has kind of bristles shape, the outer layer with sharp edge. It helps to extend coverage to small tiny corner, while the center bristles are rounded and harder edge. It helps cleaning stubborn food residues that left on our tooth.
Why a BPA Free Toothbrush Important? BPA Free toothbrush known for did not used an organic compound Bisphenol A in its construction. Many research found this Bisphenol A related to many health problem including cancer, reduced fertility, diabetes, and birth defects. So a BPA Free toothbrush is safe to use for family especially kid.
What is PBT Bristles on Toothbrush? PBT knowns as the strongest material in toothbrush bristles. It is well known in most expensive toothbrush in the market. PBT is extremely strong, and heat resistant. Hence this toothbrush can send for sterilize disinfectant. The diameter of each bristle is 0.18mm and carries SOFT intensity.
What is PP Plastic? PP Plastic also known as Polypropylene Plastic. It is one of the most commonly used plastic in our daily life. Many item like toys, utensil, housewares, cars interior, medical equipment and etc were made by PP. It is strong, high resilience and extremely safe to use.

Wide Head Advanced Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

  • Handle by PP Plastic

  • Bristles by PBT (More strength, durable and heat resistance)

  • Sharp shape bristles edge good for in-depth cleaning

  • 48 Columns Bristles (2x More Bristles than ordinary toothbrush)

  • Wider Coverage Hence More Efficient and More Protection

  • BPA Free

  • Heat resistance up to 80 degree celcius - Good for sterilizer 

  • Ergonomic Handle

  • Good for Kid, Adult and Senior

  • Available in 12 Colours

  • 12pcs Toothbrush at RM29 Only (4pcs Toothbrush for RM18)


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