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Summer Limousine Services
Summer Limousine Services (002549131-M)

Malaysia Sekinchan Redang Beach Kuala Selangor Firefly

Malaysia Sekinchan Redang Beach Kuala Selangor Firefly
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We offer not only fair price!


Is the most intimate service!

  • Chartered day tour is based on different models and the number of people to set the price.
  • Please contact the owner to learn more, the vehicle is limited, please book early!

Kuala Lumpur City hotel to the appropriate farming village, fishing and rice town, heat wave beach, Guara Selangor day tour charter, the specific charges:

  • 5 seat cars from RM380 (up to 2-4 passengers)
  • 7 seat commercial vehicles from RM400 (up to 3-6 passengers)
  • 10 seat coaches from RM500 (up to 5-10 passengers)
  • 14 seat coaches from RM550 (up to 9-14 passengers)
  • 18 seat coaches from RM600 (up to 10-17 passengers)
* Suggested departure time 12 to 1 pm
I love Sekinchan Village
Sekinchan it is the northern part of Selangor, China, with a population of more than 20,000 people. It is one of the major rice production areas in Malaysia, Haikou also produced fishing, and thus "fishing village" said.
We came to the sea, where a small river was meandering into the fishing village, and most of the fishing boats were parked in the fishing village of Hanoi. The whole town is the most promising place, that is, here.
There is no beautiful beach, coastline and sea water here, but there are attractive travelers to watch the tide.
There is a red land of the temple, small is also simple, mainly to the fishermen out of the sea security.
Paddy field green oil
Suitable farming is the famous and important crop production, mainly corn, mango, but the most famous or rice, so be sealed with "fishing village" Ya Yu.
Rice fields have two harvests a year, if you are photography enthusiasts, want to shoot the beauty of cultivated farming, 4,5,6,9,10 and 11 months is the most exciting scenery of the village.
Suitable farming village has a unique geographical environment, fishing people in the sea and estuary life, rice farmers are surrounded by large tracts of rice, nature and people's lives, fit inseparable.
I brother carrying me in the middle of the rice road all the way forward, on both sides of the paddy fields or mud all the way back to move. At the end of July, the head of August is not the season of rice green oil, so most of the rice fields are just a piece of mud, and occasionally one or two green seedlings dotted with scenery.
Single-storey high-rise huts along the sea, coconut trees and built, there is no high-rise buildings, the highest front of the store are only three or four stories. This kind of urban environment, living atmosphere and rhythm is very relaxed, very comfortable.
There is a poet sensuality, said: "Come to the beach and rice fields will be empty themselves, and intimate dialogue with nature, listen to the waves of sound, watching the rice in the wind woman robe dance, beautiful scenery.
For reservations:
1. Please contact the owner before booking to find out if there is any empty car during your trip and provide the following information: number, model, travel date, itinerary requirements, driver and customer meeting time, hotel specific name and address.
2. The drivers who serve you are Chinese and can communicate in Chinese.
3. This fee includes: fares, oil costs, high-speed fees, parking fees. This fee does not include: personal meals, accommodation, attractions tickets and shopping.
4. For guests who wish to pick up at the airport, please inform our customer service or driver for the first time if you have taken off before your flight, and please inform our customer service or driver at the first time after confirming the specific landing time. This guarantee our service quality and your journey is happy, thank you!
5. Due to the particularity of the travel product, if you cancel the booking after the order, the deposit will not be refunded.
* Tips: traffic accidents, car problems, bad weather, parade and traffic congestion caused by the loss of the shop is not responsible, it is recommended that you can buy travel insurance.

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* Mobile: + 6012-376 1966 (Malaysia)
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