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Neolee Rehab Supply Sdn Bhd
Neolee Rehab Supply Sdn Bhd (1091173W)

Caring for a Special Needs Child with Cerebral Palsy

A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be a scary thing for new parents. These disabilities affect the way a child's muscles coordinate together and can cause problems with things such as movement, speech or even breathing. However, by getting the right care at the right time it is possible for children to live their lives in a healthy and happy way.

Cerebral palsy is caused when the brain is damaged either before, during or after birth from events such as illness, being born prematurely or from injuries sustained during childbirth. The damage results in spasticity in some muscles which causes them to involuntarily contract leading to lack of coordination and balance . It also often affects how a person walks, talks and holds themselves with many sufferers having very tight muscles which makes them appear stiff and uncoordinated. These spastic muscles can often get in the way of many daily tasks such as self-care, feeding, dressing or even learning to walk.

The brain damage that causes cerebral palsy is permanent but with the help of physiotherapists, doctors and parents it is possible for children with this disability to live happy lives. Doctors recommend treatment in the form of physiotherapy before a child starts walking so they learn to move in an attempt to stop muscle problems from appearing later on. Early intervention is also recommended when it comes to speech therapy so that speech delays are noticed early on and corrected before developing into more serious problems later in life. It is also important for parents to get in contact with their local cerebral palsy support groups to get advice and help when raising a child with disabilities.

One piece of equipment that can be used to help children with cerebral palsy is a standing frame. This device, which looks like a exoskeleton attached around the waist, arms and legs acts as an aid to hold the child upright when sitting or standing. It has been seen that after many hours in this frame babies begin to move their bodies on their own while inside the frame without falling over . The concept behind this is that by placing your body in different postures you are able to strengthen them so they become more stable once you get out of the frame. Also it helps with muscle development by using gravity to stretch out tight muscles giving them less chance of becoming spastic later on .

There are many different types of standing frames and they can be adjusted to suit a child's individual needs. Every child is different after all so it is important to get one that will work for your specific situation. This device can help give children with cerebral palsy the freedom to move while helping their muscles grow and develop properly.

Though raising a child with cerebral palsy can be difficult, it is possible to help them live happy and healthy lives. Parents need to ensure that their child receives early intervention and physiotherapy through doctors and support groups respectively. Also, by maintaining your child's health and working with them on their unique strengths and limitations, you can help your child achieve the highest quality of life possible.

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