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  • RSB

    RSB (Rising San Business Sdn Bhd) since it was launched 20 years old. A specialized agency to ensure the credibility of the sales of a variety of brands of IP PBX Phone System, CCTV Security System, Alarm System, Face Recognition Fingerprint, Access Control System, Networking Products, and Accessories. In RSB, we have a full range of product information and superior technical skill. With the experienced and professional staff, we are able to teach you how to achieve the most perfect solution through our products and services. We also provide excellent after-sales service to all the products we sell. Our company provides a one-stop solution security system as well, from wiring, installation, testing, and commissioning (A to Z) package to the end of service. Otherwise, we also have to accept the project. Kategori Mengikut Our Product
  • Our Item

    Kategori Mengikut Our Product
  • Our Service

    Kategori Mengikut Our Service
  • Bluguard V16

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm

    With 16 years of unlimited exploration, Uniview evolves from video technology to AIoT, taking Big data, Cloud and IoT technology as the core: the video technology product lines include IP cameras, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Storage, Client Software and app, the AIoT ranges from display, intelligent access control to smart office and smart home. With the pragmatic attitude and continuous innovation, from 2011 to 2021, Uniview achieved 20 times revenue growth, from 300 million to 6.07 billion. Kategori Mengikut Wire CCTV

    Hikvision is committed to serving various industries through its cutting-edge technologies of machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data, leading the future of AIoT: through comprehensive machine perception technologies, we aim to help people better connect with the world around them; with a wealth of intelligent products, we strive to identify and satisfy diverse demands by delivering intelligence at your fingertips; through innovative AIoT applications, we are dedicated to empowering every individual to enjoy a better future by building an intelligent world that is more convenient, efficient and secure. 

    Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. In addition to the security industry, Hikvision extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision. 

    Kategori Mengikut Wire CCTV
  • Panasonic NS300 Interlink to NEC SL2100/SV9100

    Kategori Mengikut PABX/IP PABX / IP PHONE
  • Server Rack (GV)

    Kategori Mengikut Server Rack
  • Bluguard Wireless Alarm

    Kategori Mengikut Wireless Alarm
  • BC2 WIFI Battery Camera

    Data from EZVIZ Lab’s test results, based on the usage of 5 minutes per day, including the activities of camera detection and auto-triggered recording. Power-saving mode can also be enabled to prolong the battery life. The actual battery life may vary due to environmental factors and the frequency of camera activities. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. The local storage card must be purchased separately. Kategori Mengikut WIFI CAMERA

  • Bluguard Alarm (Pro4)

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • Bluguard Alarm

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • Vivos VG-1

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • Panasonic

  • Defender Alarm

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • Soyal Door Access

    Kategori Mengikut Door Access Reader
  • Optic Digital Cat6 Cable

    Optic Digital provides and supplies a variety of high quality cabling solutions from general network cables to professional optical fiber products in order to offer solution for present and future challenges. Kategori Mengikut NETWORK CABLE
  • Bluguard Pro4

    Bluguard PRO 4 Touch Keypad is the new and improved alarm system with 4-inch TFT LCD display that provides a comfortable user experience. By installing it in the wall box, user can control and monitor alarm and home automation system through the touch screen user interface. It also enables user to check or change programming settings easily. Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • Epson

    Kategori Mengikut Projector

    Combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense, cameras are able to capture human & vehicle targets with vivid color. Connected to Hikvision’s back-end products, users will enjoy improved details in video playback and more efficient footage searches.

    AcuSense-powered Motion Detection 2.0 distinguishes human beings and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, focusing on real security threats, and enables efficient video searches. Models equipped with Live Guard deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to users remotely.  Kategori Mengikut Wire CCTV

    Kategori Mengikut Access Point
  • HIK CCTV Promotion (Analog)

    Kategori Mengikut Wire CCTV
  • Bluguard LED Siren Box

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • UNV CCTV 2

    Kategori Mengikut Wire CCTV
  • Bluguard Alarm L9/V9,V16,S32,T64

    Kategori Mengikut WireAlarm
  • How to Wall Nec AT-40

    Kategori Mengikut PABX/IP PABX / IP PHONE
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